Hi! I’m Woody. I am a graphic designer by day, but the job dearest to my heart is being a momma. From traveling adventures to living overseas, to my journey of single motherhood; I have found writing to be a remedy. I hope my words can be a haven to other moms as well.

Being a momma has been the hardest and yet most rewarding thing I have ever walked through. God chose me to be hers and for that I am forever grateful.

I love how Jesus uses broken, imperfect and transformed people to challenge and inspire the world. That’s me – broken and a mess. God has called me to change the world. He is The Word and I am the voice. I’ve got something to say and I’m gonna say it! To make a difference to those less fortunate. To give to others what He has given me… another chance, a chance to love. A chance to live life. To spread the news that Jesus is enough. He is all we need. This blog is a part of all that.

I am so glad you are here!